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Our Story

Who Are We? 

We cook for our dogs because we've seen the difference in our own dogs, and we're convinced the world needs to know about the benefits of a homecooked meal for your dog. 

We're a local family business owned and operating out of Jupiter, FL, cooking fresh, healthy meals for our four-legged friends. 

We create customized healthy meal plans tailored to your pup. We cook it ourselves, and hand deliver your dog's food to your door weekly. No processing plants. No Preservatives. No BS. 

What Makes Us Different? 

I'm not just a dog trainer. I'm a dog mom. I'm here to create a healthy dog movement, and so  for the past two years I've researched the main canine diets and designed meal plans based on what kept my dogs feeling and looking their absolute best. I'm not here to push products on you or give your dog a designer diet, I'm here to give your dog food that fuels, nourishes, and heals their body. 

Your doggo is an individual, so why not feed him based on his individual needs? Does your dog have a nervous stomach? Alfalfa Sprouts will help with that. Does your dog have benign lumps? Tumeric can help eliminate those. 

Small Batch 

Homecooked Dog Food gives us the freedom and flexibility of variety. The dog's veggie selection changes with the seasons, and so do the snacks. There's nothing better than some warm doggy oatmeal in the winter, or refreshing watermelon after a long day at the beach! 

We can all agree that what we eat affects our general health, our moods, and even our behavior. Dogs are the same way--you are what you eat! 

Ready to get started? Contact Katie today! 

About the Owner

Katie Z has been working with dogs for over 6 years in a variety of respects, including rescue, foster, and obedience training. She has two rescue mutts name Abaco and Miss Shadow, and it is because of them that she began the quest for the healthiest dog food. 

A dog's overall health and well-being were never more apparent until she became a dog trainer and dedicated herself full-time to the dog industry. The first question trainers ask when people come in with new behaviors that happen "all of a sudden," is, "have you taken your dog to the vet?" 

Why? Because behavior largely correlates with wellness.

When we look at food as fuel that nourishes and heals the body, home-cooked meals just makes sense, and we want to spread the love! 

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