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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my dog too old to train? 

Nope! As long as your senior is medically cleared, we can always teach a dog new tricks. I adopted Miss Shadow around 3.5 years old, and she didn't learn her basics until she was close to 5 years old. 

The oldest dog I've ever fully trained was 8.5 years old, and the oldest dog I've worked with (loose leash training) was 11 years old. 

Do I have to purchase food from you too?

No, you don't have to purchase food from me. I am here to help you and your dog live the best, happiest, healthiest lives possible, and that is by looking at the whole picture. I won't judge you or pester you to purchase my products, but I am adamant about pet nutrition. If I'm not providing your dog's food, I'm sure I will bring up dog nutrition. Please make sure your dog is getting all the nutrients it needs by adding in fruits and veggies to your dog's diet. 

If I do a Puppy Board and Train, and then my dog hit puberty and challenges me all over again, what do I do? 

Puppy Board and Trains are listed at half price because I WANT you to start training early (and because I love puppies). If/when your dog starts getting unruly, send him/her to me for 10-14 days. This follow-up is priced as boarding ($75 per day), and you have the option of ecollar training (off leash abilities). The total comes out to about $200 less than waiting for a regular board and train (6 months of age or older). 

Do you use ecollars? Why? 

Yes I use ecollars, but I do not force my students to use them. Not all of my clients use ecollars, and the people that do understand that their dogs won't start ecollar work until after at least 4 lessons, or on the 4th day of boarding. 

Ecollars are nothing more than simulated leash pressure. It gives me the ability to have control of my dogs when they are off leash, and allows my dogs the freedom to run on the beach, play at the sandbar, and run alongside my bike. 

I see ecollars as a graduation up to "The Big Leagues." I use them on my personal dogs, and I show my students how they feel and how to use them--by practicing with them, on ourselves. All of my human clients have felt and understand what the ecollars do before I put them on their dogs. 

However, as I've stated before, if you are uncomfortable with the use of ecollars, I can train your dog without it. We'll use a long line (15 foot leash) instead. 

Where are you located?

Jupiter, FL. 

What kind of trainer do you consider yourself to be? 

I hate labels, but I would say that I'm a balanced trainer. I look at the whole picture, and try my best to help you build a better bond with your dog. I use everything from treats, praise, and food, to leashes, prongs, ecollars, and body language. 

For me, every dog is an individual, and so different dogs will need different approaches. I do not limit myself to the tools that I use, and I will continue to grow and learn in my abilities to apply these tools. 

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