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Customized Plans

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Have a canine nutritionalist work with you to create the perfect meal plan for your dog's needs.

Custom Meal Plans; Nutritious, Delicious Food for your Dog. 

If you could add something to your dog's food to help them shed less, would you? What about if your dog had skin issues, or if your dog has seasonal allergies? We typically give them medication from the vet when they need it, but why not feed them food that is designed to prevent the issue in the first place? 

What if we told you that adding in nutritional yeast, local bee pollen, and local fruit to your dog's diet can noticeably decrease their seasonal allergies? 

What if we told you that adding marrow bones, amaranth, and flax oil could help ease joint stiffness, and help alleviate hip dysplasia? 

Your dog is unique, so why should their nutrition be any different? 

We calculate your dog's macros, and get to know your dog on a whole new level, because we want them to be the best that they can be. 

How it Works

You will call and schedule a consult with Katie, where you will discuss your dog in depth. She will email you a customized nutrition plan and an outline for your dog's meal plans, typically within 48 hours. 

Plans are $25 each, and are designed to work in phases depending on the health of your dog and what you want to accomplish. Katie also provides the research supporting her choices behind the meal plan--each ingredient is selected for one or more of it's healing properties. 

Give us a call for a consultation today! 


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