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Meet Katie, Owner and Trainer

Hey There! 

I'm Katie, the Canine Holist. I know, I know... "holist" isn't a word. But I needed new word to describe my mission as a dog advocate, trainer, nutritionist, and behaviorist. 

What Makes Me Different?

Often times, we compartmentalize our dogs. For example, "Fido is perfect in every other way EXCEPT he pulls like a maniac on the leash, how do I fix that?"

Vets might ask about their state of mind, and perhaps prescribe a touch of Trazadone before a walk to "take the edge off." 

Behaviorists will look for the dog's triggers, and understand what about the walk (and the dog) is putting them in that crazy state of mind to begin with. 

Trainers will teach you and your dog exercises and drills to help Fido walk nicely on a leash, and the really good trainers will help you desensitize (and eventually) counter-condition your dog to whatever it is that causes the pulling to begin with. 

...And then there's me. A Holist will look at you and your dog from the whole picture. We start with the medical background and rule out and pain-based behavior. We also talk about diet, and how food affects your dog's mind and body. I'll come into your home, observe the relationship you have with your dog(s), and teach you how to use body language to better communicate with them. 

My mission as a dog trainer is to be your dog's Emergency Contact. Haha, you might think I'm kidding, but I'm serious. As a trainer, I want to be here for the life of your dog. I want you and your dog to not only understand each other, but to respect each other, and to be able to communicate clearly, and know that if something happens, you always have someone to call. 

I host Group Classes and Pack Walks, all of which are free to my Board and Train Alumns, and only Board and Trains are allowed boarding at my house while their humans are out of town. 

Stay tuned for YouTube Videos on how to feed your dog healthy, affordable home-cooked recipes, or check out my personalized doggy meal plans, available on our Products Page.  

More Alike Than You Know

We all know the benefits of eating healthy. When you eat well, your body and mind feel better. You can focus more, you're in a better mood, your cholesterol lowers, your heart rate lowers, your skin regains elasticity, etc. (for more information on humans and eating well, I highly recommend the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead as well as Forks Over Knives on Netflix).  

We all know the benefits of exercising. When you exercise, your heart starts pumping, blood flows throughout the body, your muscles are stretched and worked. You feel rejuvenated, you're in a better mood from the endorphins, you'll sleep better that night as well. 

What if I told you dogs react similarly to eating clean, and working their minds and bodies? 

Often times, the food we give our dogs has nutrient deficiencies, which can lead to behavioral issues. Did you know that adding roughage (seeds and veggies) is the only way to provide your dog with antioxidants, fiber helps with digestion, and helps your dog develop a healthy, robust gut biome? Healthier dogs means less vet visits, and a better-feeling dog overall! 

Training with your dog helps build a strong bond between you and your dog. First off, it's the beginning of communication, showing your dog how to learn and helping them understand what you want. Second, training helps you teach, and it gets you to interact with your dog in a fun, positive way (for both you and your dog). 

When your dog feels good, you know it. 


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